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Sylveon Smogon

If you are into competitive battling, then Smogon is your most comprehensive resource for that. This platform offers you advice about Pokemon battling for new players and pro gamers. Sylveon Smogon is a complete source for you to learn all about the strengths, weaknesses, and moves of Sylveon for acing the game. 

Sylveon is a special Pokemon that can give you a massive edge on your journey towards beating your opponents.

But you can’t do that if you don’t know the capabilities of this Pokemon. 

In this article, we are going to give you a complete overview of Sylveon Smogon via the details mentioned. 

So, let’s get started and talk about the Sylveon and its abilities to ace competitive Pokemon Battles  

Sylveon Smogon 

Sylveon is a Fairy-Type Pokemon. It is one of the best Clerics in Pokemon. It also has the potential to switch into a strong and powerful Dragon. 

Its moves include Cute Charm and Pixilate in the standard form. And for the stats, this Pokemon has 

HP: 95

Attack: 65

Defense: 65

Speed: 60

Sp. Attack: 110

Sp. Defense: 130

Although this Pokemon is recommended for healing purposes, it can also be used during the fight. For example, it also has a dragon, dark, and fighting-type moves including the Latias, Hydreigon’s Draco Meteor, Inferno’s close combat, and Kroookodile’s Knock Off. 

This Pokemon can also use Heal Bell and Wish which enable Sylveon to keep its teammates healthy when the battle is in play. 

The best thing about this Pokemon is, it can easily take some special attacks because of its incredible special bulk and can even strike back with its Hyper Voice. 

However, there are some special attackers like Primarina and Volcanion who can 2HKO Sylveon. 

The 65 defense of Sylveon is one of its weaknesses which makes it tough for this Pokemon to beat physical attackers such as Terrakion. Its weaknesses include steel and Poison-type Pokemons including Nidoking and Scizor. And Florges can also give Sylveon a tough competition.     

Sylveon Cleric Abilities

Here are some of the most prominent clerical moves and abilities of Sylveon 

Special Move 1: Hyper Voice 

Move 2: Wish 

Special Move 3: Protect

Move 4: Heal Bell

It also has the Pixilate ability. Also, Sylveon is bold-nature Pokemon so you can use it for the attack as well as defense. 

Sylveon Smogon – Everything You Need to Know

Let’s talk a little bit about the movies and team formations that you can use with Sylveon for maximum effect. The moves are different for the Lefeon Smogon Eevee evolution. 

  • Moves

The Hyper Voice Move hits quite well when you work it with Pixilate. Further, it has the power to KO frail Pokemon such as Mega Sceptile. 

It can also use Substitute which is an excellent counter for Kyurem. 

Also, Sylveon can heal its teammates which can come in quite handy at times. 

The Protect move is used for scouting for enemies. 

The Heal Bell move helps restore status conditioning. Sylveon lasts for much longer in battles because of such abilities. 

  • Team Options 

For Sylveon, a bulky and balanced team would be the right fit. You can use bulky water-type Pokemon like Swampert, Mantine, and Suicune with it. This team can effectively fight steel-types such as the Klefki and Mega Steelix. 

Sylveon is also great for battling dragon types like Latias, and Hydreigon. This Pokemon can also keep your Pokemon team healthy amid battle. 

Some Pokemon that can make good partners for Sylveon during battle include

  • Tentacruel
  • Scizor
  • Mega Aerodactyl, Nihilego, and Ryhperior 

In short, you can use Sylveon with any Pokemon that don’t have sufficient recovery powers. 

  • Sylveon Usage Tips

You can use the Sylveon to restrain the movement of a Pokemon such as Hyderigon and Mega Sceptile. Also, you can use the wish to restore the HP of Sylveon. 

You can use the Hyper Voice move to beat frailer Pokemon like Mega Beedrill.

Protect is a good move to us mid-battle but you need to be careful when using that. This is because “Protect” it can make offensive Pokemon like Nidoking and Scizor come in. The Wish is also a technique that you need to be careful when using. You should only use it for the recovery of Sylveon during battle. 

You should keep Sylveon away from severe physical attacks because the defense is not its strong suit.   

Sylveon Counters

Let’s talk a little bit about the vulnerabilities i.e., counters of Sylveon that you can use if you are facing this Pokemon during the battle.   


Pokemon like Scizor, Mega Steelix, and Empoleon can wall Sylveon and even defeat it during the battle.  


Pokemon like Amoongus and Tentacruel are Poison-type and can effectively wall Sylveon. These Pokemon can wear Sylveon down and defeat it eventually.  

Recommended Attackers

If you are on the attacking side, we recommend going with Cobalion, Mamoswine, and Infernape. These Pokemon have strong physical attacks that can 2HKO Sylveon with the sheer strength of their attacks. 

Maximum Residual Damage

Residual Damage has a huge impact on Sylveon. Things like Entry Hazards, U-Turn, Status Conditions, can cause a lot of residual damage to Sylveon. Pokemon like Tentacruel and Klefki are common hazard setters, and they can set up their hazards to counter the moves of Sylveon. 

These are some of the ways you can tackle Sylveon if ever face this Pokemon in battle. The key here is to get Sylveon under a physical attack for maximum damage.  

Wrapping Up

Sylveon Smogon is a great place to learn all about Smogon and its moves. This Fairy-type Pokemon is great for engaging in competitive Pokemon battles. 

It is a rare Pokemon. So, it is quite powerful. You can get it either from directly in the game or you can evolve your Eevee to Sylveon

So, whether you are fighting using Sylveon or against one, make sure to consult the Sylveon guide described in this article. And if you have any questions about Sylveon, hit us up. We’d be happy to help you out.   

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