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How to Show Chunk Borders in Minecraft – Chunk Borders Explained

How to show chunk borders

The world of Minecraft is huge. It is an ever-expanding one that can take a lot of time to master. If you want to get good at it and truly enhance your creative skills in Minecraft, you need to know stuff like how to show chunk borders in Minecraft

Chunk borders are an important part of the Minecraft gameplay that every gamer needs to know about. 

If you don’t know how chunks work in Minecraft and their significance, then this guide is for you. 

Stay with us till the end to learn everything about chunks and how you can show chunk borders in Minecraft. 

What is a Chunk in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a Chunk is a 16 x 16 segment of a world. This segment consists of 256 blocks, which are soon going to be 384 in the upcoming Java Editions. 

The 256 blocks in a chunk extend in height. For example, a chunk with 256 blocks will be placed vertically. The world generates in Minecraft uses chunks for dividing the maps into various manageable pieces. 

Chunks are generated automatically for players as they enter the world for the first time. When they wander around in the world, the new chunks keep getting created. 

About Chunk Loading 

Before we learn about chunk borders and how to see them, let’s talk a little bit about chunk loading in Minecraft. 

Minecraft offers gamers 30 million blocks in every cardinal direction. The game doesn’t load all the chunks at once. It loads certain ones that the gamer might need for playing the game. 

What is a Chunk Border in Minecraft?

Minecraft divides the world into 16 x 16 blocks called chunks. When it comes to processing the chunks, the ones that are loaded in the active memory are used to process the events in the game. 

If you want to know which chunks are being used, you need to know the border of the chunk. 

When the chunks load, there is a slight gap between graphic changes. This gap is known as a chunk border in Minecraft. 

Chunk borders are also known as chunk edges. 

In Minecraft terms, the X and Z coordinates which are divided by 16, show the edges of the chunks. 

There are multiple ways players can learn about the chunk that they are on. 

We are going to talk about the ways you can find chunk borders in the Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft.  

How to Show Chunk Border in Minecraft? Java Edition

You can use the Keyboard keys F3 + G to display chunk borders.”

This is the easiest way for you to find the chunk borders in the game. If you don’t want to use this approach, you can use the F3 key to open up the Debug screen. 

The debug screen is going to show your X, Y, Z coordinates, and the chunk variable. 

When the players move around the game, the coordinates keep changing. 

So, if players want to know the chunk that they are on, they can see the variable chunk in the debug screen by hitting F3. This is all that they have to do to figure out the chunk borders. 

The Java Editions offers you the simplest way to show chunk borders as compared with memorizing different coordinates. If you go this way, it can make things quite confusing for you.  

How to Show Chunk Borders in Minecraft? Bedrock Edition

When you are toggling the fancy Minecraft graphics in the bedrock edition, it makes the world render again. This loads the chunk that the player is in for a few seconds. And that is what shows you the chunk borders in Minecraft. 

Another way you can identify is by looking for a blue line showing the chunk barrier. This line appears when the player quickly changes the render distance. 

If you are bridging with full blocks and you are in mid-air if a chunk edge is intersected, then the next block with kind of fade and create a view. That view also shows you the chunk border. 

Seeing the chunk borders in this way is not highly accurate, but it works. But if you practice enough, you will get good at identifying it right when it happens. 

The process for Java Edition is simple as it just requires you to use the keys F3 + G. You don’t need to use unreliable, observation-based methods like in the bedrock edition.  

Final Words

This is it! This is all you need to know about Chunks in Minecraft. It is quite hard to find chunk edges manually. You need to memorize different coordinates if you want to do that effectively. 

In this article, we have talked about the simplest way that you can use to show chunk edges or edges. Go over the approach described here and if you have any questions about chunk borders, feel free to reach out to us. 

How Do I Show Chunk Border on My Laptop?

When you are playing the Minecraft Java Edition, you can use the Keys F3 + G to display chunk borders or boundaries. The approach for the bedrock edition is different a bit more complicated.  

How Can I See Chunk Edges?

The keys F3 + G can help you see chunk edges in the Java Edition. 

How Do You Tell if a Chunk is a Slime Chunk?

You need to go under the ground beneath Y-40 and create tunnels that can spawn small and medium slimes. You can use the keys F3 + Q followed by F3 + G for that. 

How Do I See Chunk Edges?

If you want to see the edges of a chunk in Minecraft, you can use the keys F3 + G for the Java edition. 

How Rare is a Slime Chunk?

For every chunk that you find in the game, there is only about a 10% chance of it being a slime chunk. This is how rare a slime chunk is in Minecraft as compared with other kinds of chunks. 

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