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How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft 2021

Water Elevator in Minecraft

Minecraft features two primary transportation systems. These include the horizontal and the vertical transportation systems. Horizontal transportation uses horses and minecarts. The vertical system, on the other hand, is based on elevators. This is what requires you to know how to make a water elevator in Minecraft for transporting players, mobs, and different items between the floors of a structure you have built in the game.  

You can either make Redstone or Water Elevators in Minecraft. In this article, we are going to share with you the complete processing for making a water elevator in Minecraft, with step-by-step instructions. 

So, let’s get started and talk about Water Elevators and how you can make them in Minecraft

What is a Water Elevator in Minecraft?

Water Elevators are a vertical transportation system in Minecraft that helps Minecraft gamers move up or down in a structure that they have created in the game. 

Water Elevators are simple to make, and they offer great utility when it comes to transport anything between different floors of a building. So, if you know how to make one, it can add massive value to your Minecraft building skills. 

If you are working on a large project, consisting of multiple floors, then building an elevator can help speed up the building process for you. So, you better learn how to make a water elevator in Minecraft to get better at building complex structures.  

Moreover, water elevators are faster than other kinds of vertical moving utilities offered by Minecraft.  

How to make a water elevator in Minecraft?

We want to make the process of building a water elevator as simple as we possibly can for you. So, if you are looking for the most basic and reliable approach for making an elevator in Minecraft, then keep reading till the end. 

Required Items

Here are the essential items that you need to get to make a water elevator in Minecraft

  • Water Bucket
  • Glass
  • Kelp 
  • Door
  • Magma Block (for Moving Up)
  • Magma Block (For Coming Down)

So, get all these materials before you move ahead into this guide. And when you have these items, you can start building your water elevator structure in Minecraft. 

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft with Soul Sand?

Step 1 – Get the Glass

First, you need to get the glass. You need to get the right amount of glass and you can figure it out as per your needs, i.e., how high you want the elevator to be. 

So, here is how you can calculate your need for the glass. You need to multiply the height of the elevator that you want, with the number 4. For example, if you want a 6 blocks high elevator, you’d need to get 24 blocks of glass.  

Step 2 – Get a Water Bucket

You need a water bucket to collect water. So, you need to get it as it is going to help you get the water for the water elevator. 

It is quite easy to craft a water bucket. And can do it easily with items such as 3 Iron ingots, a furnace, and a crafting table. So, get the bucket and set it aside for use later on. 

Step 3 – Find the Kelp

You will find kelp in the ocean. So, when you are at a water source and you know it is an ocean, you need to dive into it. This is where you will get the kelp that is going to need for making the water elevator. 

Step 4 – Find Soul Sand and Magma

For getting the soul sand and magma, you’d need to go to the Nether. These are essential for moving up and down in the elevator. You might need to do a lot of exploring to get these materials. So, keep exploring the nether until you find the sand soul and magma. 

Step 5 – Build the Structure

To build the glass elevator, you first need to set up the glass enclosure. The glass enclosure is going to have a hollow block in the middle of the four columns of the elevator. You can place it as per your needs for the distance that you want to travel. 

Moreover, make sure to place a 2-block hole in either of the sides of the column. This place is going to be your entrance for the elevator.   

Step 6 – Place the Door

After that, you need to go into the water elevator with your back to the structure. Put your door in the open space of the structure. This step will help keep the water inside of the structure.  

Step 7 – Fill the Elevator With Water

So, now that you have set up the structure, you need to fill it with water using the water bucket. Make sure to start from the top block. This way, the water will flow down between the different glass blocks of the elevator.  

Step 8 – Add Kelp to the Water

You need to make each of the water blocks a source block. You can do it with the kelp. So, you need to fill all the water with kelp. This will convert all the water blocks to source blocks. 

Step 9 – Finishing Up

After that, you just need to replace the block at the bottom side of the elevator with either magma or a soul sand block. Now, if you want to go up, you can replace the block with the soul sand block. And If you want to come down, you’d need to replace the block with the magma block. 

Final Words

Water Elevators offer you an easy and great way of vertical transportation for various Minecraft structures. Further, if you know how to make a water elevator in Minecraft, you can use the building to make vertical transportation easier for you. 

So, go over the complete guide that we have talked about here for making a water elevator in Minecraft. 

How high can a water elevator go?

You can make a water elevator as high as 11 blocks in Minecraft. 11 blocks is the maximum height for a water elevator in Minecraft. 

How can I make a soul sand water elevator?

You can go over the method for creating a water elevator described in this article. So, once you are done with building the structure of the elevator, you can change the block at the bottom of the elevator with soul sand to make a soul sand water elevator.  

What blocks in Minecraft make water go down?

The magma blocks help pull you downwards in a water elevator. 

What are the basic types of elevators in Minecraft?

There are 2 basic types of elevators that you can build in Minecraft. These include

  • Redstone Elevators 
  • Water Elevators 
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