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How Many Belly Button Types That Can’t Be Pierced?

Belly Button Types

If you are planning on getting belly button piercings and you don’t know whether you should go for it or not, then this article is for you. In this guide, we are going to share with you all you need to know about belly button types and the ones that can or can’t be pierced. 

A navel or a belly button is the remaining part of the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is a tube that connects the mother to the child, during pregnancy. So, when doctors cut the umbilical cord, the remnants make the shape of something that is commonly known as the belly button. 

Let’s talk about belly buttons and types of belly buttons piercings that you can get 

Belly Button Types

Although the most common types of belly buttons include the innie and outie, there are many different variations of these types. Here are the common types of belly buttons that you can find out there

  1. Outie
  2. Horizontal
  3. Vertical
  4. Light Bulb
  5. Round
  6. Deep Hollow 

So, these are the common types of belly buttons. This list gives a broader and more comprehensive collection of belly button types that you can go through.  

Are there any belly button types that can’t be pierced?

For piercing the belly button, the piercer has to pierce the skin that is directly above the belly button. This makes the name a little bit misleading because you are not actually piercing the belly button itself. But that is how the naming convention works for this process. 

So, you need a solid flap of skin on top of the belly button to get the piercing. The lower lip of the belly button also works for this. However, if you have an outie belly button with no solid flap of skin above the belly button, then you most likely won’t be able to get the piercing.  

What are the belly buttons that can’t be pierced?

It doesn’t matter the kind of belly button that you have, if you don’t have a little bit of skin above it, you won’t be able to get the piercing. This is the only requirement for getting the belly button piercing that matters. 

How do you figure out whether your belly button can be pierced?

You need to take a look at your belly button. If there is skin above the belly button, then you can get a piercing on that. This will also work if you have skin at the bottom side of the navel. Moreover, there should be enough space behind the flap where the jewelry can sit properly. 

Can you be too fat for getting a belly button piercing?

If you are overweight, then you need to take your time when planning on getting the belly button piercing. If your belly button gets covered with skin when you sit or move around, then there is no point in getting the piercing. This just won’t work for you and can even create health issues.  

Can someone die if they poke their belly button?

Yes, you can kill someone by poking their belly button, but it depends on the force and intensity with which you do it. For example, you probably won’t be able to do it by using your finger. If you use extreme force using some kind of sharp equipment, then this can happen. 

Can you re-pierce the same belly button hole?

The belly button area of your body is quite sensitive. Once the belly button piercing is not there anymore, we recommend you don’t get the piercing again on the same spot. Instead of getting the old tissue pierced again, you can try getting the piercing on the bottom area of your belly button.

Can you reopen a closed belly button piercing?

If your belly button is not there anymore after you get it done, then it is not a good idea to reopen it again. You need to make sure that the piercing heals first. So, you might need to wait for a few months for that to happen. And once the old piercing heals, you can get a new piercing on your belly button. 

Do piercings close overnight?

If you don’t put some kind of jewelry in the pierced hole, then it can close overnight. Although the healing can take a few weeks. The hole can close overnight. 

When can you re-pierce your belly button?

If you want to re-pierce your belly button, you need to make sure that the previous piercing heals completely first. Generally, you’d need to wait for about 3 to 6 months. 

Do men like Belly Button Pierce?

Men feel naturally drawn towards the belly and pelvis of women. A belly button piercing can indeed feel attractive to men. So, if you have that piercing, then you can expect men to like it. But still, it is mostly about personal preference. 

Do you have to be skinny or thin to get a belly button piercing?

No, that is not necessarily true. As it turns out, whether you can get a belly button piercing depends more on the anatomy of that place, rather than the weight of the individual. If you have skin at the top or bottom of your belly button, then you can get the piercing. So, that is the standard that determines whether you can get a piercing or not. 

Can an outie belly button become innie with time?

It happens in rare cases, but it is indeed possible. If your baby has an outie belly button, it can change to innie with time.  

Can you choose between outie and innie belly buttons?

No, you don’t have control over this decision. It is all about chance and you can’t choose between an innie and an outie belly button. Still, you will find a greater number of people with innie belly buttons as compared with outies. 

Do outies disappear with time?

Research shows that almost 20% of newborn babies have outie belly buttons. But these outies disappear in about 12 to 18 months. So, the outies can indeed disappear with time. 

What determines whether the belly button should be innie or outie?

Although it mostly depends on luck, sometimes the way in which the obstetrician cuts and ties the umbilical cord can also have an impact on that. But in most cases, the impact of this process is minimal on the belly button being innie or outie. Moreover, outie belly button piercings are much easier to do. 

What causes the innie or outie belly buttons?

There is no determining factor that can define the cause of innie our outie belly button. It is something that shows up with time. We have no say in the choice between an innie or an outie belly button. 

Is it bad to put your fingers on your belly button?

When you put your finger on your belly button, it causes stimulation in the nerves that trigger your spine, and it tells the urethra that it is time to “go”. So, when you touch your belly button, you might feel like wanting to go through the bathroom.   

What does it smell like when you put your fingers on your belly button?

You might feel a light navel odor when you touch your belly button. Depending on the health condition that your belly button is in, you might feel a foul smell and discharge odor. Also, the smell might not occur for everyone when they touch their belly button. 

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